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Lotto Dictionary

A – D 
Annuity Payout – An annuity payout is when the full jackpot value is paid out in annual instalments over time.  

Additional Number / Bonus Ball – According to each specific Lotterys rules, whenever an Additional Number appears, it gives you the chance to win additional prizes and/or the Lottery Jackpot. The Additional Number is usually chosen from a list of numbers different to the initial one. You might also encounter Lotteries where it is chosen automatically. 

Ball set – This is the physical set of balls that are used for a particular lottery. They may vary in number depending on the game involved. The most common ball set comprises of 49 balls and Lotteries will vary on the number of ball sets that are available for possible use in a draw. The UK National Lottery for example has 14 different sets of 49 balls which they make use of. 

Cash Payout / Lump sum payout – Certain lotteries offer the choice between an annuity payment of the jackpot prize or taking a lesser value that is paid immediately as a cash, lump-sum value. The cash value is determined based on a percentage of the total jackpot value available.  

Cold numbers – These numbers havent appeared in a lottery draw for a long time. 

CVV Code – CVV is the three-digit security code on the back of your Visa / MasterCard or the four-digit code on the front of your American Express card. The code is required to complete your payment process. 

Deposit Bonus – GSlotto will on occasion offer players a deposit bonus. This means that when players make a deposit into their online play funds, they will receive additional funds. Keep an eye your inbox for updates on these kinds of offers. 

E – H 

Entry – The term that is used to describe the process in which you purchase a ticket and select your numbers in order to participate in a draw. 

Fixed Payout – The type of lottery game where the jackpot remains unchanged, regardless of the number of participants. 

Free Line – After purchasing a certain amount of tickets, GSlotto may reward you with a free line.  

Guess Range – This refers to the array of numbers from which you are supposed to select your lucky picks. Different lotteries have different sets of guess ranges. 

Group Play – A group of people who join together as a group to purchase lottery tickets. By combining their tickets together, they are able to afford more tickets and thus increase their odds of winning. In the event of a win the prize then gets split between all members of a group. A large number of prizes are won by pools. 

Hot Numbers – These are numbers that have been appearing regularly in recent lottery draws. They are numbers that commonly appear as winning numbers. 

Holiday Raffles – These refer to the big Spanish raffles that occur over Christmas and mid-year.

I – L 

Jackpot – This is the biggest cash prize in a Lottery. If during a draw the Jackpot is not won, it accumulates into the following draws until there is a winner. Often the Jackpot is divided among several winnersdue to its size. 

Jackpot Limit – Certain lotteries have a maximum value that a jackpot can reach, after which it will stop growing. There are varying rules governing what will occur when the maximum jackpot amount is reached depending on the lottery involved. 

Line – Also known as a ticket or entry, the Line is the mechanism used to play a lottery – each lottery form is composed of lines. The lines are where you fill your lucky numbers in order to participate in the draw. 

Live bet – The feature that allows you to play your lucky numbers in real time. 

Lottery Affiliate – A lottery affiliate is an entrepreneur who promotes lottery products and earns a commission on all sales made by referred players. Anyone can become a lotto affiliate provided they have the means to promote lottery products online or offline.  

Lottery Commission – The percentage of a ticket price paid to the retailer who sells lottery tickets. 

Lottery Winning Numbers – The numbers that are drawn in the lottery draw are known as the winning numbers. If a player matches above a certain combination of the winning numbers, they will win a prize. Prizes will vary depending on the amount of numbers matched. If a player matches all the winning lottery numbers they have won the biggest prize on offer, the jackpot. 

Loyalty Program – An incentive that rewards players for playing the lottery on GSlotto. The more you play, the more credits you earn via this rewards program. 

M – P 

Mobile Site – This allows you to play the biggest international lotteries from your mobile device (smartphones or iPads). GSlotto has a site specifically designed for mobile devices ensuring that you can easily and efficiently play your lucky numbers on the go. 

Odds – The term that represents the chances of winning a lottery. 

Payout – Payout is a term used to describe the amount of funds paid to a lottery winner. 

Play Options – GSlotto has a number of different options available to players when it comes to entering the lottery. These options are represented on the Lottery Play page. These include Play Smart, Quick Pick and Group play. 

Prize Pool – All the prizes that are given away in a lottery. 

Prize Tiers – Prize tiers could be considered as prize groups. Depending on the number of balls that a player has correctly matched in the draw, they will win a corresponding value according to the tier. Every lottery game differs in the number of prize tiers available and the values available to be won. In some games the prizes are fixed and do not vary whilst in other games the prize values will vary on the number of other winners in the tier and the total prize fund available. 

Q – T 

Quick Pick -  For when you cannot decide what numbers to play or are in a hurry to enter many lines and want the numbers entered speedily. The Quick Pick ticket is where the numbers have been randomly chosen by the lottery terminal. 

Raffles – Unlike lottery games where players can choose their numbers, raffles provide existing sets of numbers which players are assigned based on availability. 

Rollover – The term used to describe the situation where there is no winner in a certain draw. In most cases, the prize is added to the next lottery draw. The situation repeats until the increased prize is won by a lucky player. 

Rollover Limit – Certain lotteries have a maximum number of times that they can rollover, after which the jackpot prize will be dispersed to lower tiers if there is no winner. 

Subscription – To subscribe to a lottery means to use the option to participate automatically in your favorite lotteries over a certain period of time, depending on each draw. When you participate automatically, you do this using the same selection of your lucky numbers for your ultimate convenience. 

Transaction – This refers to a single instance of purchasing a lottery ticket or tickets on the website. You can purchase multiple tickets across a number of lotteries in a single transaction. This is convenient as you only have to conduct a single payment and you will receive a single email containing all the transaction information. 

Ticket – A confirmation of participating in a draw that includes your lucky numbers, lottery name and the draw date. 
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